Here is a list of our projects. Not all projects are commercial projects, and some of them are still in development.

Completed Projects: 

Broken Synth: Wave One
Synthwave motion graphic music videos.

Vaporwave art experience w/ VR support.

Synthwave motion graphic music videos.

In Development Projects: 

Moombah House
Moombahton motion graphic music video.

Virtua Paradise
Vaporwave art collection and exploration game.

Legacy Projects: 

Game Boy
motion graphic music video.

(VOICE) Another World
Game jam VR demo made with Unreal Engine. (Credited as Mercurius FM)

MOTHER – Triumph & Torture (Acid ’89 Mix)
About: Motion graphic music video featuring a 90’s computer and VHS aesthetic. (Credited as Mercurius Creative, LLC)
Link: YouTube