Here is a list of our projects. Not all projects are commercial projects, and some of them are still in development.

Completed Projects: 

My Daughter is a Cultist!
Japanese Horror meets Lovecraft in this manga style game. This is a free, prototype quality game that was made in October for some game jams.

The Chase
Retro futuristic, 90s style 3D motion graphics music video for an electronic music track designed to look like old VHS footage.
Link: YouTube

Thicc Moombah
Basic music glitch style music visualizer and art direction.
Link: YouTube

Moombah House
Cartoon style motion graphics music video.
Link: YouTube

Broken Synth: Wave One
Synthwave motion graphic music visualizers.
Link: YouTube

Vaporwave art experience w/ VR support and motion graphics music video.
Link: YouTube /

Synthwave motion graphic music videos.
Link: YouTube

In Development Projects: 

Virtua Paradise
Vaporwave inspired art collection and exploration game.

TBA Horror Game
A unique Japanese themed horror gane.

TBA Arcade Style Game
Info to be announced.

Legacy Projects: 

Game Boy
Motion graphic music video.
Link: YouTube

(VOICE) Another World
Game jam VR demo made with Unreal Engine. (Credited as Mercurius FM)

MOTHER – Triumph & Torture (Acid ’89 Mix)
About: Motion graphic music video featuring a 90’s computer and VHS aesthetic. (Credited as Mercurius Creative, LLC)
Link: YouTube